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Services and Professional Values


Confirmation of the principle of excellence in service delivery through the nature of the needs of organizations, they were to follow the method of providing the latest technologies and online services and advertising more useful to the company and announced a cost that is lower; so as to contribute in promoting the role e-services to keep pace with technical information and guidance investors and businessmen to use the latest technology , and this service is provided to meet the needs of organizations in the provision of technical services and works ((ArabDigi Al-Marafek for IT services)) the principle of universality, through:


  • Work as one team.
  • Responding to customer need in record time.
  • Keeping the secrets of the client.
  • hiring qualified and recognized competence and dedication to work.
  • Creating an atmosphere conducive to the implementation process and advisory services.


Our activities

Company ArabDigi Al-Marafek for IT services provides:

  • Design services:
  • Seeking ArabDigi Al-Marafek for information technology services to provide design services.
  • Design begins with the idea ..
  • Once I found the idea began actual work.
  • We at the ArabDigi Al-Marafek offer you design ideas fit with your company,
  • Leave us the idea and the subject of design and you'll enjoy the magnificence of our resolve.
  • Web Site Design
  • Designs (Flayer, Brochures, etc.), ad designs upscale and expressive (fixed, animation).
  • E-Marketing Services


The objective of e-marketing

Company profile / communicate with client / customer to remind your presence / build friendly relations with client / electronic excellence your message / offer new products / product access to the largest segment of customers / increase the proportion of sales.

Marketing is email one necessities of life in our society today, Hundreds of millions of users access the Internet daily from all over the world, and as such we can exploit that opportunity and turn the Internet into an open market a diverse audience for the promotion of various goods and services, and achieve high profitability.

Services include:

  • publicity and advertising through e-mails (email Marketing Solution).
  • Advertising on sites and forums the most visitors (Advertising Banner).
  • Advertising using mobile phone messages (SMS).


Consultation Services

The company provides advisory services in the areas of information technology, marketing and management training and developmental and employment. And investing experience in these areas a large number of collaborators and consultants, local and international alliances to provide a summary of experiences in these services.

  • To supervise on the website and updated.
  • Management of e-marketing.
  • contracts for the maintenance of devices and networks.


Network Services

Services include all types of installation of new networks, and provide maintenance of existing networks, and the definition of the main computer server and terminals, linked together, in addition to services linked to sections of the service through the Internet and lines of communication, networks and services include the following:

  • Installation of new networks or maintain the networks available to customers and upgraded, and work settings for the main server (server), and all other devices operating within the network.
  • Providing the best ways to protect the network from viruses and intrusions internal and external.
  • provide backup storage for files and programs on the main maid.
  • ensure the confidentiality of the information available to the main server for the network (server).
  • Connect the network connected to other branches of the client when available.
  • To provide necessary maintenance services to the network within the lines of communication.


Recruitment Services

The right person in the right place is our policy first in the field of employment. Recruitment solutions offered by the completion of facilities for IT services is one of the distinguished services which aims to achieve a breakthrough in creating successful managers and individuals to perform tasks that are assigned to them. Provide employment service through multiple techniques to find skilled staff and effective for the convenience of our customers commensurate with their needs. It also provides planning service manpower Planning)) to achieve the strategic objectives to ensure that our clients achieve their goals.

The Best Technical Services

Have the best designers and marketers , and have specialized knowledge and understanding of the culture of the large domestic market and understand the needs and expectations of our customers.


Our expertise and technologies that enable us to provide excellence in providing outstanding services.
The application of methods of modern technologies according to the highest standards that are invoked in the implementation of our public services and the specialized agencies; from the identification of customer needs through the implementation of service and professionalism.

What sets us apart credibility with customers

ArabDigi Al-Marafek related to a prominent international companies to provide expertise and practical solutions to our customers.

News Flash

ArabDigi is excited to announce the launch of it's new website "" to public. ArabDigi thriving the edge, adopting and deploying latest technologies and services in Digital world.

stay tuned ...more on the way !!!!


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